In addition to our extensive list of product offerings, we also perform many services to assist our clients and partners in meeting their marketing and administrative needs.

Direct Response Campaign Strategy and Implementation

Our Marketing Team specializes in direct mail, telemarketing, e-marketing, statement messaging to customers of Financial Institutions, including banks, mortgage companies, credit card groups, and credit unions of all sizes.  We provide complete turnkey operations by managing the sales and distribution process with no financial risk to the client.  These programs not only build customer loyalty for the financial institution, they also reward participating institutions with recurring fee income while costing them nothing to implement.  We will work with you to develop a program that fits your needs and goals.


Our in-house, licensed agents can rate your risk, bind and issue Accident and Liability policies instantly – our Special Risk Underwriting services are available in all 50 states and beyond.  We can cover a simple day event, extreme sports activities and everything in between.

Program Development

We can develop a custom designed program for insureds with similar attributes.  By developing a program for your clients, you are giving them a unique product, simplified distribution, and offering a solution to their insurance needs. 

We have the Underwriting acumen and carrier diversity to develop custom designed Insurance programs that are targeted for specific groups with similar characteristics.  IMAC will provide the coverage and assist in developing the process and implementation of the program, all to provide the agent with a turn-key solution to the specified pool of risk.

Some examples of existing Insurance programs that we have developed and implemented:

  • One agency that services the Professional and Amateur sports world saw the need to expand their coverage offering by adding the ability to offer Spectator Liability quote options at the same time they provided the participant accident coverage to the promoters. The agent realized that up to half of their promoter clients needed that coverage but since they had not previously had access to a program they hadn’t considered offering it as an option. With IMAC’s help,this agency now has a proprietary Spectator Liability product that they can sell in all 50 States along with the coverage they had been selling for many years; growing an existing sales program by over 10% annually for a number of years.
  •  One of our Professional Associations was in need of a Wrongful Acts (E&O) coverage that could provide their members with an affordable option in order for the member to perform their professional job. All previous attempts resulted in a program priced at levels so high that only the top 1% of producers could afford it. The Team at IMAC revered the process, creating an extremely affordable entry level option that would allow all to participate and then developed a tier pricing strategy that allowed those that needed higher amounts of coverage to obtain it at group pricing.